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Cindy Reinert
Indiana House District 58

Cindy is from Greenwood, south of Indianapolis.

She is a mother, grandmother, retired lawyer, phlebotomist, hotelier, bartender, and salesperson.

She was raised in Perry Township, just north of Johnson County, and has lived in Johnson County at least half of her life.

“I was one of the first members of the Board of Directors for ICADV, (Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence), a registered Family Law Mediator, and pro tem Judge,

I bought a B&B in a third world country and taught school in the jungles of Central America for ten years.

I ran for office in 2018 because I was tired of the 10-year assault on teachers, taxpayers, and the environment. My focus was, and is, the three “E”‘s – Education, Economy, and the Environment.

I am an old school activist, wore a POW and MIA bracelet and was against the Vietnam war before I could drive.

I learned that people are people, no matter what walk of life they come from, and that most people, like me, really just want to give their children and grandchildren a better life than they had.”

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