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Bianka Tinklenberg
House District 17

I am a second grade teacher in Plymouth, Indiana. As an educator, it is my job to be sure the future of Indiana is bright. As a college student studying education, I didn’t think my future would include running for office. However, I realize how important this is to be sure that decisions made at the state level properly impact our students, our schools, and our communities. This is why I decided to run for a position in the state legislature.

I will be the listening ear that District 17 needs. I am committed to standing up for an Indiana that is better for all Hoosiers. Please join me in this journey of representing District 17 as a State Representative.

  • 2nd grade teacher at Menominee Elementary
  • Board Member of Marshall County Neighborhood Center
  • 2015 graduate of Ball State University, Elementary Education
  • National Education Association – Indiana State Teachers Association 9-year member
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