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Our Mission

To transform Indiana politics by empowering women to win House and Senate seats across the state and, through their legislative power, implement Indiana policies that support women, children, families, public education, and the environment.

We support candidates who support the Indiana Democratic Party Platform. See the Platform Here. 

Our Vision

To make Democratic women candidates stronger and more successful by building effective, sustainable, political Villages of support that get the job done.

Your Donation Makes an Impact. Any amount counts. 

Our Candidate Network

We encourage experienced candidates to share their successes and challenges to help other women learn and succeed. This is a unique approach in Indiana politics today. 

Our candidate network creates a dynamic culture of peer support using virtual and in person connections for large groups, small groups – even pairs. Whatever it takes to create learning environments for ambitious Hoosiers!

We consistently partner with national, state and local organizations to leverage additional training to support the needs of each member of our network.

Our Strategy

In 2016, Democratic women represented only two of Indiana’s 50 Senate districts and 12 of the 100 House districts. In 2018, outraged by Indiana’s legislative actions and the threat they posed to women, families and children, an unprecedented 46 Democratic women stepped forward to run for the Indiana legislature. Women represented 43% of all Democratic candidates for the state legislature. For most of these courageous women, running for office was a new and transforming experience. They were teachers, physicians, attorneys, social workers, but never before political candidates. But, all shared a commitment to helping families and children in Indiana.

25 Women for 2020 was born into this movement in 2018 as a local initiative to provide training and opportunity to women who wanted to participate in Indiana politics. Many of those women were inspired by the support of other women, ran for local positions, and won. Pat Boy was supported by our group and won a seat in the Indiana House of Representatives. After the election, our conversations with women around the state made us more determined to focus on getting Democratic women elected to state legislative positions throughout Indiana.

In 2019, we set a goal of electing 25 or more Democratic women to the Indiana House and Senate in districts currently held by Republicans. Our goal is ambitious, but grounded in women’s experiences of the 2018 election, our confidence in women’s ability to lead, and the support of women organizing for political action across the state. The results of the 2019 Indiana legislative session have only fueled the determination of women around the state to join us in this herstoric imperative.

Our movement will not end in 2020. We plan to facilitate the pipeline for women working with us to support even more women running for state legislative positions in 2022, and beyond.

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