25 Women for 2020

A strategy for political change in Indiana

In 2016, Democratic women held only 12 of 150 seats in the Indiana legislature. In 2018, 7 more Democratic women were elected, but we still have tremendous opportunities. Let’s join forces to elect 25 more formidable Democratic women legislators in 2020—and even more in 2022!

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Our Mission

To transform Indiana politics by empowering women to win House and Senate seats across the state and, through their legislative power, implement Indiana policies that support women, children, families, public education, and the environment.

We support candidates who support the Indiana Democratic Party Platform.

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Current 2020 Candidates

Meet the women running in 2020 and learn what they can do for the state of Indiana.

7 Success Stories from 2018

Women are gaining ground in Indiana legislatures. See who’s currently making an impact.

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25 Women for 2020 was created by women, for women. Together, our team leverages a variety of talents, passions, experiences and skills to help Democratic women achieve legislative power, so we can all benefit from their leadership.

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